Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Art in China

Kungfu Girl with Oil Pastels.


Panda bear for my boyfriend. ^_^

I got a panda bear tattoo!! =D

This is a picture I drew for the Nali coffee shop owner! His name is Jaeho and he makes AMAZING coffee!! This picture is now hanging up in Nali. ^_^


New York Chinese girl (haha), me, and Aaron (from Boston). Hopscotch is full of Foreigners.

Shani, Megan, and I at Hopscotch!!

Claire (from Dublin) and I.

Hopscotch live music. =)

A less crazy picture of Shani, Megan and I. =P

Good Times


Megan picking on John in a super market. =P

Me, Rick, and Megan in front of some fish.

John and Joseph in front of those same fish.

Korean food and friends!! Good times!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Friends! ^_^

The group of Koreans, Chinese, and Americans out to dinner. ^_^

The girls. From left to right: Me, Skyler, Megan, Julia, and Alysse.

Rick, John, and Joseph.

Skyler and I on the bus. The flash was bright on her eyes. =P

Megan, James, and I.